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HIOL: Hispanic Issues On Line is an open-access, refereed scholarly electronic publication devoted to the study of Hispanic and Lusophone cultures. The journal aims to be an international forum for the analysis of current issues in our disciplines as well as a venue for new research dealing with areas of inquiry such as Literary Criticism, Theory and Historiography, Popular and Mass Culture, Hispanic Cultural Studies, Literature and Institutions, and Hispanic Sociolinguistics. Hispanic Issues and Hispanic Issues On Line are indexed by MLA Bibliography, Dialnet, and other academic databases.The LOCKSS system preserves Hispanic Issues On Line at worldwide research libraries. ISSN 1931-8006.

HIOL also publishes Debates, dedicated to an open exchange of ideas related to issues discussed within the Hispanic Issues Series and the HIOL electronic journal. Our editorial team welcomes the intellectual energy generated by the exchanges included in this section. Our aim is to offer a venue for a diversity of views on matters dealing with our disciplines. It should be noted, however, that we might not always agree with the views or opinions expressed in these pages. Proposals for consideration by HIOL Debates may be sent to

HIOL: Hispanic Issues On Line
HIOL: Debates

Volume 16
Amazonian Literatures
Edited by Lesley Wylie

Exile, Intellectuals, and the Memory Wars

Volume 15
Writing Monsters: Essays on Iberian and Latin American Cultures
Edited by Adriana Gordillo and Nicholas Spadaccini

(Re)reading Gracián in a Self-Made World

Volume 14
Layers of Memory and the Discourse of Human Rights: Artistic and Testimonial Practices in Latin America and Iberia
Edited by Ana Forcinito

On Photography, History, and Memory in Spain

Volume 13
Whose Voice is This? Iberian and Latin American Antigones
Edited by Jennifer Duprey (with the assistance of Ashley Puig-Herz)


Volume 12
Troubled Waters: Rivers in Latin American Imagination
Edited by Elizabeth M. Pettinaroli and Ana María Mutis

Crossing the Boundaries: Culture, Linguistics, and Literature


Volume 11
Memory and Its Discontents: Spanish Culture in the Early Twenty-First Century
Edited by Luis Martín-Estudillo and Nicholas Spadaccini


Volume 10
Armed Resistance: Cultural Representations of the Anti-Francoist Guerrilla
Edited by Antonio Gómez López-Quiñones and Carmen Moreno-Nuño


Volume 9
Hybrid Storyspaces: Redefining the Critical Enterprise in Twenty-First Century Hispanic Literature
Edited by Christine Henseler and Debra A. Castillo


Volume 8
Hispanic Literatures and the Question of a Liberal Education
Edited by Luis Martín-Estudillo and Nicholas Spadaccini

Volume 7
Death and Afterlife in the Early Modern Hispanic World
Edited by John Beusterien and Constance Cortez

Volume 6
Huidobro's Futurity: Twenty-First Century Approaches

Edited by Luis Correa-Díaz and Scott Weintraub

Volume 5
Human Rights in Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Edited by Ana Forcinito, Raúl Marrero-Fente, and Kelly McDonough

Volume 4
Human Rights and Latin American Cultural Studies
Edited by Ana Forcinito and Fernando Ordóñez


Volume 3
Latin American Urban Cultural Production
Edited by David William Foster


Volume 2
Estudios Hispánicos: Perspectivas Internacionales
Edited by Luis Martín-Estudillo, Francisco Ocampo, and Nicholas Spadaccini


Volume 1
Debating Hispanic Studies: Reflections on Our Disciplines
Edited by Luis Martín-Estudillo, Francisco Ocampo, and Nicholas Spadaccini



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